Apar Nepal

Web Configurator

We help to Create unique experiences for your customer by making them sure what they are buying by showing your product in your website ,real world and in real size with Augmented reality and a leading-edge 3D model.  Our solution is optimized for E-Commerce, Advertising, Marketing, B2B Sales & Social Media Commerce

3D Configurator

A 3D configurator is an interactive design tool that allows users to customize their own unique products based on available configuration options like color, print, text, images, and textures and that supports dynamic pricing.
Today’s online consumers demand more from their digital product experiences. To increase your brand interaction and increase reach you have to allow them to customize, personalize, and configure your products to their needs. APAR helps your brand deliver an interactive 3D experience that builds confidence with customers, increases engagement, and drives sales.

2D Configurator

Our 2d configurator works with stacked PNG files with transparent layers and gives photorealism output .
We create a fully mobile-responsive 2D product configurator which gives a seamless shopping experience for your customers. Plus, you can cut down the design customization and expedite manufacturing. This not only saves a lot of your time but also helps you grow your business with the right offerings. Compatible with every eCommerce platform, our team can help you hand in hand to implement it successfully in your e-store.

360 View Configurator

360° view shows the product from all sides along one axis. The sequence of images used in this type of configurator creates a feel of interaction with the product. Like the 2D configurator, the 360° product view doesn’t allow for arbitrary zooming but allows you to see products from every angle using rotation .
We help you to create a high quality photorealistic 360 configurator compatible with every ecommerce platform.