Apar Nepal

Agumented Reality

Immersive Augmented experience to your Ideas and Imagination

We use Augmented reality to  transform the ordinary into cutting-edge interactive products with immersive customer experience by designing and implementing apps that blend physical and digital worlds to provide users with 3D assets ,audio and visual information in a convenient and engaging way or entertain them creating fantasy-like experiences.

Markerless AR Solution

Marker less augmented reality works by scanning the surrounding environment and there is no trigger photo necessary to retrieve the augmented reality content.

We create stable, scalable, and extremely powerful apps that offer such features that usually will ask the user to find a flat surface such as a table or floor for placing the AR elements .

Marker based AR Solution

Marker-based AR apps use markers (target images) to indicate things in a given space. These markers determine where the AR application places digital 3D content within the user’s visual field or through a camera feed.
We create both unique image targets(marker) and application that cameras can easily recognize and process, and are visually independent of the environment around them.

Web based AR Solution

The applications of web-based augmented reality are only limited by a developer’s creativity.Web-based augmented reality (webAR) is a technology that allows users to access AR experiences directly from their smartphones. As there’s no need for any downloading, people can enjoy the immersive and unique experience of AR on-demand, on most operating systems, mobile devices, and web browsers.
We create web based applications which can be easily accessible with just a simple URL link ,scan of QR code or tap on an NFC tag without requiring users to download an entire application.

Try on AR Product

Virtual try-on is the way a customer can “try-on” a product through mobile or other devices equipped with a camera.
We create solutions which give  customers the ability to virtually try products out before making purchasing decisions.

Location Based AR Solution

Location-based AR stands for a marker less, position-based, and geo-based Augmented Reality. This solution doesn’t need special markers to identify the location of virtual objects.
We create solutions which combine location-based offerings, exclusive benefits and rewards, and notifications for customers from that location and provide better  engagement.

Custom AR Solutions

We have expertise in bringing your innovative ideas to life through developing custom applications using augmented reality applications ,Web based augmented reality . We create immersive applications that are compatible with mobile , desktop and dedicated hardware .