Apar Nepal

Virtual Reality

We develop immersive Virtual experiences to improve data visualization, product interaction, 360 tours and conduct effective mixed reality training for architects, designers, digital agencies and companies from various domains.

Virtual reality Solution for AEC(Architecture Engineering and Construction)

VR is now closing that gap between clients and the traditional way of architect design . Architects can use VR to create immersive 3D visualization models that they can walk their clients through. This brings designs to life vividly, and enables much clearer communication between architects, stakeholders, clients and end-users.

We create VR experiences and provide clients with 360° renditions of designs, including realistic representations of building materials.Our VR headsets and dedicated application for mobiles and website   takes this immersive quality further, however, into new collaborative ways of working.

360° Virtual Tours

APAR develops 360° Virtual Tour with high quality 360° panoramic photographs where the user is allowed to take the tour of a new virtual world with a complete 360° visibility.

We help you to explore the world by looking up specific categories of virtual tours.Buy or rent your next property, boat, car, plane, or holiday rental. Explore museums, aerial views, fine arts, 3D creations, construction sites, as well as events and trade shows in an immersive 360 environment.

Virtual Reality for Ecommerce

By immersing your client in the world of virtual shopping you have the opportunity to offer something completely new. Move them to selected places – let them feel, touch, and check your products.

Whether your priority is increasing sales volume, providing reliable services, or gathering as many returning customers as possible, virtual reality solutions and 3D visualizations of your product ,APAR Nepal team will help you to  achieve your goals.

Virtual Reality solution for Medical

Healthcare is a perfect field to employ Virtual and Augmented Reality solutions. Using these innovative techniques, healthcare professionals will be able to improve treatment to their patients, improve training of personnel, reduce pain during treatments and more

We develop cutting-edge virtual reality experiences and medical VR app that replicate realistic environment and add a gamification way to understand complex concept of medical equipments and monitor progress of trainee ,track performance , change scenarios to better match their needs/skills and more

Virtual Reality solution for Automobile

Building a brand new prototype and then making iterative changes to it can often be time-consuming and costly.

We create a virtual immersive environment and design 3d prototype for which will help both drafting as well as engineer units creating better vehicles and also detect any conception  errors way earlier in the process and find any faulty connections between the different parts of the vehicle. We create virtual showrooms for sales of vehicles  where Customers can also change the color of the vehicle in just a matter of seconds to see the different options available ,assembly training and other training related to the vehicle.

Custom VR Solutions

We have expertise in bringing your innovative ideas to life through developing custom applications using Virtual reality applications,360 virtual tours and add gamification to your simulation and training . We create immersive applications that are compatible with mobile , desktop and dedicated hardware.

Devices We Use