Posted time May 30, 2022 Job type FullTime

Game artist 3d Development requirement 

  • A strong 3D generalist with a solid understanding of all facets of 3D development
  • Extensive 3D portfolio of assets created for Unity games or interactive experiences
  • Proficient in Blender
  • Proficient in optimizing models for AR, online gaming, and other real-time and digital media in the Unity engine
  • Ability to create a visually appealing model with a low poly count and limited textures/materials
  • Ability to rig and animate a character model to have natural motion
  • Ability to create a variety of 3D styles from realistic to cartoony too simplistic
  • Experience with Git or other version control
  • Unity skills are a big plus!
  • Self-motivated and able to take ownership of an initiative or project with little supervision (i.e. can take a concept and “run with it”)
  • Strong conceptual abilities as well as an ability to execute
  • Team player who has good communication skills and works well with others
  • A love for the intersection of tech, entertainment, toys, games, and pop culture



  • Experience modeling, texturing and skinning 3D models for video games.
  • Good knowledge of Blender 3D
  • Strong understanding of video games development and the art-creation process.
  • A good eye (or two) for art, and the ability to make subtle distinctions between good models and textures and ones that don’t meet aesthetic requirements.
  • Strong cross-functional communications skills; verbal, written and visual.
  • Ability and willingness to give regular art feedback to external partners.
  • Good skills in Photoshop, Maya, and 3ds Max.
  • Familiar with online project management tools such as Clickup.
  • Must be available to work full-time at our office .
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher 
  • A hunger to learn and level up your skills, with willingness to accept constructive criticism


  • Sculpt high-poly 3D characters and objects
  • Create low-poly 3D characters and objects for use in mobile AR applications
  • Rig and animate 3D characters and objects
  • Create textures for 3D assets using Photoshop or Substance Painter
  • Import 3D assets into Unity
  • Collaborate with Art Directors, Developers, and Producers to ensure all aspects of the project are at the highest quality
  • Contribute to overall office morale, spirit, character, and work quality
  • Optimization of 3D asset