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Augmented reality and Virtual reality are an interactive experience that combines your real world and computer-generated content. Virtual reality entirely accommodates your real world to virtual reality. You cannot touch the feeling but you can see through your mobile, laptops or other devices.

While both virtual and augmented reality are broadly used in business because it creates realistic information that adds virtual and real real world.

In virtual reality , you almost always have to wear devices like eye covering headsets and headphones to completely replace the real world with virtual reality.

Augmented reality, integrates the duplicate world with the real one. Instead of, transporting you to a virtual world, it takes digital images and layers them on the real world around you. Augmented reality are used on devices like smartphones and laptops without the use of a headsets or any other eye gadgets. You may have used AR previously while playing games like Pokemon Go or using filters on snapchat , tiktok or on facebook and instagram .

Both AR/VR are changing the way we see/use our news, social media, movies and much more. These devices are creating new and interactive experiences.

Any person with a smartphone can access augmented reality, more efficiently than VR for gaming tools. You need totally different devices to experience it.like computers, sensors, headsets and gloves. 

Difference in AR/VR 

Although it can be easy to mix-up AR/VR but these are some significant differences:

AR uses a real world setting while vr is completely virtual. AR enhances both the virtual and real world whereas VR only enhances a fictional reality.

AR/VR the evolution of the technology

Augmented and virtual reality have brought an impactful impression or we can say influence in the world in less than a decade. It has changed the whole model of smartphones, how they function but also the attention for establishing brands, making entrepreneurs and marketers invest in AR/VR applications.

Moreover, virtual reality was introduced as hardware which slowly and steadily entered the software industry. It has become an important part in gaming, architecture and in the entertainment sector.

The rise of augmented reality started in 1968, which was the initial phase of AR. a computer scientist Ivan Sutherland team and named as The Sword of Damocles.

In 2000 augmented reality made a major breakthrough when Hirokazu Kato, Japan established and released software that helps in capturing real-world actions and integrate with the communication of visual objects.

Different organisations, businesses, health sectors are using these technologies to be more advanced and futuristic.

The main aim of AR/VR is to build an intuitive and convenient involvement, so there would be a perception that there will be more technologies that will change the way we do things . Establish new features and facilities.  

Future of Augmented reality and virtual reality

 AR/VR are the most buzzing words in this present world and gaining more popularity among sports, businesses, games and many more. It is a new way of innovation and creation. They will create a way for brand awareness and engagement of businesses.

In the near future, tablets, computers and smartphones will not only be a platform for AR/VR but also a functionality to build devices in eye lenses and other wearable devices.


The roots of AR/VR are developing in such a way that each and every corner of technology has touched a different sector. A non-technical person could also use it knowingly or unknowingly. From this technology people have experienced awesome events and situations.  

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